Kru Chris Kew

  • Instructor certification Ajahn Khan Phady 2004
  • Instructor certification Burklerk Pinsinchai 2006
  • WMF National Representative 2006-2011
  • IAMTF International Judge and referee certification 2001
  • IMTF International Judge and referee certification 2003
  • WMF International Judge and referee certification A class 2011
  • CAMTAO Full Instructor 2003

Prof. Pat Cooligan

Pat Cooligan is a black belt under Renzo Gracie – the first in Canada, and the fourth Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black belt in Canadian history. He oversees all Jiu Jitsu programs at MAS. For the past 10 years, he has been a professional martial artist and full-time instructor. Aside from his BJJ accolades, which include a silver medal at the Pan-American BJJ Championships, he also holds the rank of 4th degree black belt in traditional Jiu Jitsu. His real skill, however, lies in teaching, in which he has had (and continues to have) a rich and varied experience. Pat has not only produced several championship grapplers, he was featured in a 4-week BJJ demonstration on the A Channel’s “News at Noon” program, and also in On The Mat, one of North America’s premier grappling magazines. Pat also has taught the Canadian Army and Special Forces on numerous occasions, and is the recipient of several commendations from the Department of National Defence as well as from several different branches of the Canadian Army. Pat has also had the pleasure of training with some of the best BJJ has to offer – notably Helio, Royce, Rickson, Renzo, and Roger Gracie, to name only a few of the Gracie family members he has met.. Pat has also traveled to Brazil several times to the world-famous Gracie Barra School to hone his skills and teaching ability, and stay current on the newest techniques in Brazil.

Kru Jeff Harrison

Kru Jeff Harrison has been involved in combat athletics since 1999. After beginning with Judo and Submission wrestling, his training in Muay Thai began under Kru Chris Kew and he has been fighting since 2000, coaching since 2001. His fighting career has seen roughly 50 fights and has taken him across North America, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, and Europe. Jeff has won titles in Muay Thai and coached fighters to over 50 championship belts. He, along with Chris Kew were Arjan Berklerk Pinsinchai’s first North American students and has spent countless hours with the Muay Thai living legend, and even his teachers learning, living and readying for competition in Canada and throughout Thailand. Jeff has also worked with many boxing, wrestling, MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing coaches the world over. Jeff has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over 10 years, and has worked with many of the best the world has to offer. Jeff has cornered countless fights, from Muay Thai smokers to coaching in front of sold out areas at large promotions like TKO, ECC, Bellator, The Score Fighting Series and even the UFC. He is regarded as a top shelf Canadian MMA coach. He puts his passion and love for the art of MMA and Jiu-Jitsu into every single class and tries his absolute best for each one of the MAS Academy’s members.

  • Began training with Kru Chris Kew in 1999
  • Had first amateur Mauy Thai fight in 2000
  • AMTAC officials course 2002
  • BJJ with Carlos Gracie at Gracie Barra 2002 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • East meet West Team Canada Coach 2002 – Manchester, England
  • Assistant coach Team Canada for I.F.T.M.A world championships (Bangkok, Thailand) 2002
  • W.P.M.T.F World Meeting Canadian Representative – Bangkok, Thailand 2003
  • WMF World Championship Team Canada National Training camp coach 2003-2007
  • Competition in Germany x 2, Mexico x 2, Thailand x 2
  • MAS Thai Boxing level 5 instructor under Kru Chris Kew
  • Kru under Ajahn Berklerk Pinsinchai 2003-present
  • Pro Muay Thai debut 2004
  • CAMTAO Kru Certification 2004
  • CAMTAO corner man’s course 2005
  • Registered MMA cornerman with Quebec Regie 2006-present
  • Pro MMA debut 2007
  • Gracie BJJ Purple Belt
  • CASK level 1 coach 2010
  • First aid certified
  • Has been part of training athletes to win over 50 title belts in Amateur and Professional Muay Thai and MMA

Isabelle Lacroix

Isabelle Lacroix has been training, competing and working out of MAS Academy since 2012. She’s been working with the Bulldog program since, and recently took over the Women’s program as well. During her time here, she’s also graduated the Early Childhood Education Program at Conestoga College April 2016.
Now Isabelle directs the Kids Program and proceeds to expand it. She’s accomplished a lot in such a short time period.

Stefan J Dronjak

Stefan J Dronjak has been working with MAS since 2014.
At the MAS Academy of Martial Arts, Stefan instructs and guides the members from varies programs. From the kids programs, summer camps and parties, to the advanced adult classes.
Stefan’s well planned and well-taught classes will engage you in the beautiful and playful science behind the art of Muay Thai.
Stefan is a very experienced boxer, thai fighter and student under Kru Yai Chris Kew.

Ashley Nicols

  • Advanced competitor for MAS Academy of Martial Arts in Muay Thai/K1 Kickboxing since January 2008
  • Instructor for Ladies Fight Fitness, Childrens Program, and Conditioning Programs
  • Studying and training Muay Thai under Kru Chris Kew and Ajahn Yit Phady
  • Trained at Kaesamrit gym Thailand in Bangkok
  • Brown Pratchia knowledge under Kru Chirs Kew
  • 2008 IFMA Continental Championships
  • 2009 TBA-SA North American Champion
  • 2009 Level 1 CASK Coach
  • 2010 CASK K1 Provincial Champion
  • 2011 CASK K1 & Low-Kickboxing Champion
  • 2011 Certified Judge and Referee
  • 201 WMF Amateur & Pro-AM Champion
  • 2011 IKF Thaiboxing Silver Medalist
  • 2011 TBA-SA North American Champion
  • 2011 WMF Continental Champion
  • 2011 Finalist for the Tim Turrow Athlete of the Year Award
  • 2011 Provincial Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Silver Medalist

For private lessons contact Ashley at 519-590-5079