Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


In 1914 a Japanese Judo and Jiu-Jitsu master name Mitsuo Maeda came to Brazil. In return for help from the Brazilian politician Gastao Gracie, Maeda taught Jiu-Jitsu to Gastao’s son Carlos. Carlos in turn taught his brothers. They went on to further refine the art via constant no-rules competition, developing what is no known as Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ). Renzo Gracie is the son of Robson Gracie and grandson of Carlos. Renzo has his academy in New York City.

grappling-bjjBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art that teaches its students to control resisting opponents in ways that force him/her to submit. Generally, gaining this control is easier on the ground in a standing position. This is why much of the techniques in BJJ are centered around the skill of taking an opponent to the ground and wrestling for dominant positions, rendering the opponent harmless. The main principles behind BJJ are to control and overcome the obstacles of greater size, strength, and agression. This is done by utilizing superior leverage, grip and position upon your opponent. Students gain a deep understanding of the workings and limits of the human body. The knowledge can be used to subdue and control an opponent with whatever level of severity the student chooses.

Our students benefit greatly from BJJ developing physical fitness, problem-solving abilities, self-knowledge of their body and mind and the many social benefits of working within a large group of like-minded students. John Danaher is the Renzo Gracie Black Belt Instructor BJJ.

bjj-women-grapplingOur classes (schedule) will generally comprise of a brief warm-up, guard-passing drills, positional drills, technique and training. We train with a partner almost all the time. In doing so, you quickly learn what works and what does not against an opponent who is resisting. We emphasize technique and position. Proper technique and good position will dictate the outcome of a fight whether in competition or on the street. BJJ is easy and fun to learn, but takes hard work, discipline and dedication to master. Our academy is proudly affiliated with the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa under head instructor Pat Cooligan. Our students also have the opportunity to train at any of numerous BJJ seminars held through affiliate Academies.