Kids Program


The Bulldogs (3-6)

This program will improve your child’s balance, coordination, focus, physical ability and social skills. We will focus on developing their motor skills through martial arts drills, increase social and behaviour development through team oriented scenarios. This 46 minute class consists of a variety of motor-skill activity such as line-drills, running, jumping, self-defense techniques, conditioning basics and a short game to encourage reward for their hard work. This program also allows children to explore the MAS facility. It enourages them to overcome obstacles and learn new skill while adventuring through all training apparatus at the academy.

kids-boxing-ring-sparringJunior Strikers (7-12)

The junior strikers program was designed to allow maximum growth for your child at our Academy. The most important time in training is the foundation stages. This program will take your child’s martial arts training to the next level while keeping their training fun and exciting! The 45 minute class consists of a short traditional component, fitness component, and technical component where the head instructor and team leaders will ensure your child is reaching their maximum potential for their training in a ratio of one team leader to a maximum of 5 children.

We offer a seven level program that matches skill sets, fitness and motivation, and a foundation of fun. Both programs include grading.